Gates of Olympus slot play for money

Maltese producer Pragmatic Play released in February 2021 a new model of Gates of Olympus - slot with a payout ratio of 96.5%, dedicated to the ancient Greek mythology. The plot of the slot machine will take the user to Olympus - the mountain where the gods live.

At the gates of the abode of the gods the user is met by the supreme god Zeus the Thunderer himself. With all his might he will try to prevent the penetration of a mortal into the chambers of Olympus. The player will have to collect combinations of artifacts and gems to get inside.

The epic atmosphere of the game is emphasized by the sound and design. The game is played to the sound of harps and the chime of bells. The gold-rimmed drums are framed on the sides by ancient columns with flames burning on them. Symbolism and the overall design emphasize the wealth that awaits the player who managed to get to Olympus.

Play game + bonus

How to play Gates of Olympus

The slot gameplay is based on the principle Pay Anywhere - to form a winning combination similar symbols can fall out not next to each other, but anywhere, the main thing is 8 pieces of identical pictures during one rotation. The second feature of the slot machine is multiplier of progressive type, in the bonus round it can accumulate.

A total of six five-row reels in the slot Gates of Olympus. Prizes are awarded if eight or more of the same image are found in any place in one round. The size of the prize depends on the number of matching symbols. After any fruitful rotation Tumble Feature is activated - a cascading drop. At first the player is credited with the winnings, after which the symbols that participated in the prize combinations disappear, falling outside the playing field. Instead, new images appear from above, which can form new winning combinations. The number of such cascades in one round is theoretically unlimited. There is no wild or wild symbol to replace the other images. Scatter or Scatter symbol is the image of Zeus. He provides a payout on a roll of 4 or more.

To the right of the main field is Zeus, who triggers the Multiplier Feature. During regular rounds or freespins periodically Zeus provides the player with a random multiplier (from two to five hundred).

Gates of Olympus demo

Gates of Olympus game features

Most manufacturers of gambling software produce similar models. The reels of these slots have lines on which the reconciliation of prize combinations. A feature of Gates of Olympus is a different method of combinations. There are no paylines, to win enough to fall out in any place from 8 or more of the same pictures.

The slot provides freespins with the possibility of extension. You can not even wait for the Scatters, which provide free spins, and buy a round of freespins. Other features include two unique features.

Cascading winnings

Cascading winnings

This token gives you the opportunity to get a number of wins during one round. The symbols included in the prize combinations are replaced with new ones.

RTP with Main game: 96.5%
Additional multipliers

Additional multipliers

Additional multipliers can fall out at random. They are added to the main ones in winning combinations.

Gates of olympus tactics

Any winnings in Gates of Olympus slot are random - the symbols are dependent on the SBS. Randomness of combinations ensures complete honesty of gameplay. The player can use different strategies to streamline the game. Most tactics are divided into the following categories:

  • Low-risk - making small bets, ideal for beginners
  • Moderate - the user himself regulates the size of bets, the size of the bankroll, the duration of game sessions
  • Aggressive - here the game is played at high stakes, you need a large bankroll

Users should try different types of strategies in a free demo mode slot machine to see what tactics suits him best.

Tactics from the professionals

Tactics from the professionals

The slot is considered balanced and its payouts are even. Therefore, players with experience recommend to start evenly increasing the bet size after fifty to a hundred unsuccessful spins. As practice has shown, a bankroll of 2 thousand bets is always enough for such a strategy (initial size is meant).

Martingale Tactics

Martingale Tactics

The idea is as follows: when you lose, you should increase the bet so that in the case of a win it covers the previous loss. When we win, we reset the bet to the initial size.

Payout of slot

The user receives a payout in case of a winning combination of symbols. A combination of 8 - 30 identical pictures in any place on the reels is considered a prize. The symbols in the game are divided into low-paying pictures with images of crystals of different colors and more expensive thematic pictures. Scatters bring payments regardless of where they fall out and in the amount of 4 pieces, not 8, as other images.

12-30 $100
10-11 $50
8-9 $20
12-30 $50
10-11 $20
8-9 $5
12-30 $30
10-11 $10
8-9 $4
12-30 $24
10-11 $4
8-9 $3
12-30 $20
10-11 $3
8-9 $2
12-30 $16
10-11 $2.4
8-9 $1.6
12-30 $10
10-11 $2
8-9 $1
12-30 $8
10-11 $1.8
8-9 $0.8
12-30 $4
10-11 $1.5
8-9 $0.5

How to download Gates of Olympus slot

The slot does not need to be downloaded. It is available in online casinos, where the machine can be opened in a browser or via mobile applications, if they are supported by the entertainment site.

How to download Gates of Olympus on Android

On the Internet there are offers to download slots to Android devices. These are emulators of slot machine, in which you can play only for free chips, and winnings cannot be cashed.

How to download Gates of Olympus on iOS

Owners of iPhones and iPads can download the demo version of the slot. It will only be available for free play without the possibility of withdrawal.

How to download Gates of Olympus on PC

To play the Gates of Olympus from a personal computer, choose an entertainment site that has this slot and register on its website. You do not need to download any additional software.

How to download Gates of Olympus slot

Pros and cons of slot

Like any gambling game, Gates of Olympus has its advantages and disadvantages. Most users believe that the advantages more than offset the disadvantages, so the slot is in high demand. The main advantages include the following:


  • High theoretical return rate 96.5%
  • Opportunity to get free spins
  • The presence of cascade mechanics, which increases the chance of repeated winnings
  • The presence of additional multipliers that increase the prizes
  • Buying freespins if you wish


  • No bonus game
  • The absence of the vild, replacing other symbols
  • There is no doubling risk game


What additional bonuses are in the game?

Gates of Olympus is equipped with a number of bonus features. These are additional multipliers, free spins with the possibility of extension, and cascading payouts.

When released slot?

Gates of Olympus was released in early 2021 by the well-known provider Pragmatic Play.

What is the RTP of the machine?

The basic level of theoretical payoff is 96.5%. It should be noted that the slot has flexible settings, so some casinos may set a lower rate of return.

How much max can I win at Gates of Olympus?

Gates of Olympus offers users the maximum win per round of 5 thousand bets.

What does the game look like?

Players with experience will unmistakably recognize the predecessor of Gates of Olympus - Sweet Bonanza slot of the same manufacturer. The difference is the use of fruity themes, not Greek, and the lack of a couple of functions.

Where to play Gates of Olympus demo version

You can play Gates of Olympus slot on the online casino site and get bonuses for the first game.

Reviews of real players about Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus - an ordinary slot without a twist. Sam, 29

Gates of Olympus - an ordinary slot without a twist

A slot as a slot, nothing ordinary at all. It's basically a remake of Sweet Bonanza from the same provider. It's just that the fruit has been changed to Ancient Greek style gimmicks. You can play, but you shouldn't expect anything supernatural.

Sam, 29
Gates of Olympus - An interesting option to play. ProGamer, 21

Gates of Olympus - An interesting option to play

Cool slot! Especially when lucky on freespins. Definitely recommend it to everyone!

ProGamer, 21
Redesigned Sweet Bonanza. Roman, 35

Redesigned Sweet Bonanza

As the saying goes, all new is well forgotten old. For a long time I thought what reminds me of the slot, then I remembered - I had already seen a similar game from Pragmatic. All the same, just in a different wrapper.

Roman, 35
I don't recommend Gates of Olympus, disappointed. John Martins, 51

I don't recommend Gates of Olympus, disappointed

And what good is that? I fell for the advertising, wasted two hours of time, only to be left in the lurch.

John Martins, 51
Gates of Olympus is a beautiful game. Isabel, 20

Gates of Olympus is a beautiful game

I liked it, all colorful, shiny, and gives good money. I put a little by little, in half an hour for a new lipstick already enough )

Isabel, 20
Few innovations in Gates of Olympus. Stan, 24

Few innovations in Gates of Olympus

A little disappointed! No bonus game, freespins once every six months.

Stan, 24
Gates of Olympus is my choice. Todd Smith, 34

Gates of Olympus is my choice

I don't understand why Gates of Olympus didn't please anyone? Payouts give or take, like everyone else, and the slot is well made.

Todd Smith, 34
Important tip for the game. Marcus D., 43

Important tip for the game

I'll give you a free tip: don't buy freespins, the machine gives them away so well. Why waste extra money, it's better to just sit for an extra half hour and stay in the big money.

Marcus D., 43